Rally Saturday 8 June – Wellington Te Whānganui-a-Tara

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Thousands of job losses. Rolling attacks on Te Tiriti o Waitangi. No-cause evictions and selling off public housing. Cuts to our public transport, health and education. It is clear – this government has waged economic war on everyday people in Aotearoa.
Their approach isn’t new. Taking from our collective pool to line the pockets of private interests is a tried and true method of moving resources away from our communities and forcing more and more of the basics of life into businesses to be profited from. It puts profits over people, and our living world. For what?
We are calling on communities based in Te Whānganui-a-Tara to hit the streets and rally together Saturday 8th June to say NO to the cuts, and unify our voices for a future where everyone has what they need to thrive.
Through a vision for an Aotearoa that is fair and flourishing, where Te Tiriti o Waitangi is honoured properly, and for an economic system therefore that puts the wellbeing of people and our planet above corporate profit- we can unify, act, and build toward real change. Now is the time to act together.
The key kaupapa of this rally are:
Toitū Te Tiriti: Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi
Stop the cuts to our public services
Stop the corporate takeover of our government
What: Public Rally – People over Profits: Stop the Cuts!
Where: Pukeahu War Memorial (marching to Te Papa)
When: 1pm, Saturday June 8th, 2024
This rally is for everyone who wants to see our people and planet put before private profits – all welcome!
This event is supported by: ActionStation, PSA – Public Services Association, The Tertiary Education Union, The Post Primary Teacher’s Association, NEZI – Te Riu Roa, FIRST Union, Unite Union, Peace Action Wellington, Pōneke Anti-Fascist Coalition, Disabled People Against Cuts Aotearoa, 350 Aotearoa, Public Housing Futures, Renters United, NZ Nurses Organisation, MUNZ – Maritime Union of NZ, VUWSA, Free Fares Aotearoa and friends.

Strengthen our shores: sign the online petition for NZ coastal shipping!

Aotearoa New Zealand is an island nation dependent on trade to survive.

Due to 1990s deregulation, multinational shipping firms dominate our coastal trade, causing job losses, climate harm, and dependence on shipping firms with no loyalty to New Zealand. We urge government action to safeguard our shores, as other nations do, by investing in and strengthening our coastal shipping industry.

Sign our online petition here.

New Zealand’s fuel security is under threat

Following the decision to close Marsden Point refinery, petrol companies want to import refined fuel to our ports with overseas shipping. This means the two coastal tankers on the New Zealand coast MT Kokako and MT Matuku will be removed from service.

New Zealand will then be completely reliant on overseas shipping to supply our fuel – with no backup.

Maritime workers are campaigning to keep our New Zealand crewed coastal tankers in action to protect our fuel security. We want the petrol companies to put fuel security for New Zealand first, not corporate profit.

New Zealand tankers can move fuel internationally to New Zealand ports. This would provide fuel security and a dedicated, safe and skilled New Zealand workforce going into the future.

For more updates check out fuelsecurity.nz

Download our new flyer here.