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Aotearoa New Zealand is an island nation dependent on trade to survive.

Due to 1990s deregulation, multinational shipping firms dominate our coastal trade, causing job losses, climate harm, and dependence on shipping firms with no loyalty to New Zealand. We urge government action to safeguard our shores, as other nations do, by investing in and strengthening our coastal shipping industry.

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KiwiRail fined $240,500 for “needless accident” on Kaitiaki

The dangers of loading heavy vehicles onto vessels are under the spotlight following the prosecution of KiwiRail and a towing contractor.

Higgins Towing Services (HTS) and KiwiRail were sentenced in the Wellington District Court on 17 October 2022 after pleading guilty to a range of charges relating to a 2020 injury on-board the interisland ferry the Kaitaki.
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